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Hearing is critical to every interaction you have.

About Our Hearing Center

We know that hearing loss and the possibility of using a hearing aid can be a frightening and sometimes overwhelming prospect. Our trained staff strives to make your experience as comfortable and informative as possible by providing a friendly yet professional atmosphere. Our Audiologist works closely with each patient and their family to ensure a successful experience. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and it is our mission to keep informed so that we can offer our patients the best and most sophisticated hearing instruments available.

We work with many of the leading manufacturers of hearing aids on the market today including Oticon, Phonak and ReSound as well as the new Lyric. We offer a full line of in-the-ear and behind-the -ear instruments that will appeal to your lifestyle.
Hearing Aids can open up a new world of communication with friends and loved ones.


69 East 76th Street
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We are conveniently located on the upper east side of Manhattan, on the northwest corner of Park Avenue and 76th Street, across from Lenox Hill Hospital.